specialised skin facials

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Whether your desire is to relax and rejuvenate or to treat a particular skin condition that concerns you, our expert staff have the perfect solution.

Because we have built our reputation on being experts in skin, we offer a full diagnostic skin analysis. This is an important ingredient in recommending the perfect individualised skin treatment program to achieve the results you desire.

We specialise in:

  • Age management, firming and toning treatments
  • Acne and Irritated skin conditions
  • Sun Damage and Pigmentation solutions
  • Skin Rebuilding and Strengthening
  • Relaxation and Pampering Packages 


Photographic Skin Consultation - allow 30 min $40

photographic skin consultation

Essential if your serious about improving your skin.

Our computerised photographic skin analysis equipment digitally photographs your face enabling our therapists to document the condition of your skin and evaluate the most effective treatment options available to you. This unique system allows us to track your progress towards a more youthful and healthier appearance.

Skin Coaching Consultation - allow 90 min $200

Combine the powers of the Photographic Camera with a 6-12 week treatment program which is tailor made for your skin and lifestyle. Then enjoy a 45 min Transdermal nutrition to generate cellular change with tailored infusion and masque to kick start your routine! Plus a discount of 50% off your first product to get you started.

DMK Signature Treatment - allow 70 min $190 (this can be purchased as a course of BUY 6 get ONE free, making it $163)

First time Enzyme treatment to stimulate optimal skin function, detoxify your skin through your lymphatic system and start the rebuild process. Improving oxygenation, circulation and overall skin plumping from a cellular level.

DMK Enzyme Advanced - allow 90 min $210 (this can be purchased as a course of BUY 6 get ONE free, making it $175 each)

Enzyme #1 action with pre-exfoliations to remove and rebuild. Designed protocols to improve barrier repair, combat acne, deep congestion, pigmentation and Rosacea.

DMK Enzyme Muscle Banding - allow 90 min $240 (this can be purchased as a course of BUY 6 get ONE free, making it $206 each)

Enzyme #2 & #3 with pre-exfoliations. Age Management treatment instantly lifts and firms the skin and helps to restore optimal skin function and physically strengthens the muscles of the face and neck. Best results are achieved with weekly treatments for 6-24 weeks to correct muscle memory.

DMK Enzyme Pro Lift - allow 100 min $260 (this can be purchased as a course of BUY 6 get ONE free, making it $222 each)

Enzyme #1, #2 & #3 with pre-exfoliants, Lightening, brightening and skin firming pick me up for special occasions. Triple powers of a 3 step enzyme action with dead cell removal, optimise skin function, rehydrate AND strengthen and firm the muscles and tissues in the face and neck. The perfect treatment for anyone wanting the instant wow factor!

Collagen Induction Therapy - Dermal Pen

DermaPen 4 activates your skin's self-rejuvenating function with tiny micro-needles which will produce more collagen, stimulating new cell production, improving blood circulation and aids in skin strengthening while softening wrinkles and reducing pigmentation and clears congestion all at the same time! Best results are achieved with 3-6 sessions 3-8 weeks apart, depending on skin conditions needing treatment.

Scar revision of deep atrophic scars is also very effective.

A photographic Skin Consultation prior to this treatment is essential so we can measure improvements. Price includes your post homecare pack with each session - valued at $65
Meso Full Face - allow 40 min $190

Meso Full Face & Neck - allow 50 mins $210

Meso Full Face, Neck and Décolletage - allow 60 min $230

Dermal Needling for Acne/Aging - allow 60 min $270

Dermal Needling for Pigmentation - allow 60 min $280

Dermal Lines (area addon) - $30

Scar Revision - allow 80 min $250

Hydrate Facial - allow 30 min $65

Pure Fiji rehydrates, calms and gives skin a mini pick me up with serum infusion.

Bliss Facial - allow 40 min $90

A powerful Pure Fiji Papaya enzyme facial including essential antioxidants and skin soothing ingredients to relax and renew your skin when time is of the essence.

Deluxe Facial - allow 60 min $125

A deep cleaning treatment including optional treatment modalities like microdermabrasion, peels, LED, milea extraction etc with active masque, tailor designed to suit your skin combine with active masque, tailor designed to suit your skin combine with yummy massage with any of our skincare brands.

Personalised Add Ons

Makeup after Skin Treatment - add 15 min $40

Relaxing Back Massage - add 25 min $45

Head and Scalp Massage - add 10 min $25

LED Skin Rejuvenation - add 30 min $40