Ella Houston

chasing my dream career...

Hey my name's Ella, I'm excited to introduce myself...

Beauty has always been a part of me, something I’ve always had an interest in.This passion started from the age I was able to sit and watch my mum cut hair in her home salon.

I grew up in Christchurch and am the youngest of 4 kids, 3 brothers and then there’s me. I always knew growing up I’d be one of the two, either a flight attendant or a beauty therapist. I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to work as a flight attendant for Air New Zealand (Nelson based) domestic at first & then long-haul. 

Travelling the world was an absolute dream, super fulfilling and I met many amazing souls throughout my time flying. Beauty / makeup played a huge part in that role. Using makeup to enhance appearance to look inviting and sociable. Without even knowing it, I no longer wanted to just make myself feel pretty anymore I wanted to make others feel pretty too. 

Eyelash extensions became a huge passion of mine, following the shape of your natural eye to fit the perfect style captivating your facial features (while making your morning routine much easier!) This still didn’t scratch the itch for my longing love for beauty. 

Chasing my dream to fulfil my passion that was bursting inside me. The eagerness to become a beauty therapist full time was uncontrollable. Here I am… chased my dream and caught it, now a beauty apprentice / receptionist for About Beauty and I couldn’t be more excited to get to know all of your beautiful faces!

Learning on the job, getting to know the variety of clients, while completing my apprenticeship on the side is very rewarding. 

Everyday I’m excited to continue learning, not only to benefit our clients but the company too. 

Now being full time in Nelson I’m able to spend quality time with my lovely partner Rylee who I am now engaged to. To finally call Nelson my home and soak it in all while having this as a dream career. I feel so fortunate and special to be where I am today with loved ones surrounding me.

I am a real believer of, if you feel good, you look good! Being able to help others reach their beauty goals and feel more confident.. What could be more rewarding?



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