shakilah stevenson

I graduated my diploma for Beauty therapy in 2013 and have been in love with my career ever since! What I love most about my job is the ability to be able to help people while also making them feel good about themselves!

My specialty is massage and my passion is bringing positive changes to my clients skin by incorporating professional facials in the salon and skincare advice for at home.

Being in the beauty industry means that I get to continuously learn new things about the skin and the human body which is very important and fascinating to me.

I have been working with professionals abroad in Australia and in the U.K. Having recently settled back in my home town Nelson, I am excited to say that New Zealand is my favourite place to be where I can share my knowledge locally and resonate with my clients on a cultural level.

Working each day in paradise at About Beauty Monaco with the perfect team truly is living the dream! I am very much looking forward to seeing you all with us soon.